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New Interview!

I’m honored and thrilled to have had an opportunity to be interviewed by the very talented producer/writer/singer/songwriter/actress, Tiffany Apan! She had given a wonderful review of my first novel Doguhn, for which you can check out here!

Website soundtrack

I’ve had the pleasure of keeping in contact with her and she’s been kind enough to interview me on her site, so please head over and check it out, and make sure you browse her wonderful work while you’re there!

My interview with Tiffany Apan can be viewed here!

Now stay tuned because I’ll be announcing more on the release of The Lost Pages or Trevor Sunburn this week!

Snow Day!

Well we have a snow day here, so I’ve used the time to finish editing the interior of The Lost Pages or Trevor Sunburn. With the new cover ready, I just need to carry the longhand notes over to the digital versions and I’m ready to order the second test copy. So my second novel should be ready for release in March/April.

To those who’ve been following, thank you for your patience and support. And stay tuned, because my third novel will also be released in 2014! For now I leave you with this…feel free to leave your feedback on cover V2.0.

The Change is coming!

Well it’s been awhile, but I have a couple updates. The Lost Pages of Trevor Sunburn is coming soon, at $12.95 on trade paperback and $2.99 on Kindle. The initial test proof has been ordered and should be arriving in a couple days for review and once I’ve made any necessary tweaks, I’ll be ready to announce a release date, which will be before the Spring.

Above is the rough cover I worked up last week, which may or may not look like shit on the final print, and if it’s the latter, we’ll have ourselves a bloody book! This one was actually completed a couple years ago and was the most fun I’ve ever had writing. I basically did anything I wanted, not worrying about tradition or rules, and I think this experimental novel will be just as fun for you to read. Or at least I hope 😉

So hold on tight, because The Lost Pages of Trevor Sunburn have been found and the Change is coming soon!

I Am Providence

New England: Part 2

You may read Part 1 here

2 weeks ago I took my first trip to New England, which started with a relaxing visit to Salem, MA and ended with a few days in H.P. Lovecraft’s hometown of Providence, RI, which is the subject of the day. Wasting no time, we swung by Swan Point Cemetery immediately upon entering Providence, to visit the grave of H.P. Lovecraft!

2013-09-04 12.13.11

H.P. Lovecraft’s grave at Swan Point Cemetery

The cemetery is massive and absolutely beautiful, and we parked at the entrance to take the leisurely stroll down to the grave site, only to be stopped halfway by security, who politely asked if he could be of assistance, followed by, “let me guess, you’re here for Lovecraft.” He then stressed that there’s no rubbings or photography allowed, pointed us in the right direction and was on his way. Now, of course I wasn’t going to listen to a silly instruction like “no photography,” so the first thing I did when I got there was to sneak the photo above, and it’s good I was quick ’cause the fucker came around again a second later to chat. Continue reading

Lords of Salem

New England: Part 1

It’s been an interesting few years and as a result, posts here have been sporadic at best, utterly absent at worst. I’d hit a rough patch, went through a divorce and some other shit you don’t really need to hear about, but I managed to finish my latest novel, find a wonderful new relationship, get myself into a far better place than I was, and last week I had my first proper vacation in far too long, which is the subject for the day.

A view of Salem Harbor

A view of Salem Harbor

The plan was to spend a few days in Salem, MA, then head south to Providence, RI, hometown of H.P. Lovecraft!!!  Today we’re covering Salem. Continue reading


I can’t believe I just tagged an article with Robert Pattinson…Yes, folks, today we’re talking Cosmopolis, a novel by Don Delillo, adapted to film by David Cronenberg, starring Robert Pattinson.

Robert Pattinson in Cosmopolis

Shamefully, I had never read anything by Delillo until this year, when the trailers starting coming around for David Cronenberg’s next masterpiece (hopefully). The initial teaser looked nothing short of insane and I was quickly able to get over my aversion to Robert Pattinson, being that I’m such a huge fan of Cronenberg. So I picked up Cosmopolis and was very pleasantly surprised, finished it, and then immediately went out and picked up two more novels from him. Continue reading

The List (and other stuff)

I just found this little tidbit in an email I wrote to myself this past December, in an attempt to start a short horror/comedy Christmas story. It’s only the first two paragraphs, but I figured I’d share and if there’s any interest, I might finish it this year. So anyway, here’s the start of The List.

A tremendous sense of dread hung over the North Pole. He’d made his list, checked it twice, thrice, but no matter how many times he looked it over the impossible facts remained. The devil’s son had been good that year. Continue reading

Doguhn: Official Review

The first official review for Doguhn has been posted on

Click here to check out the full review!

Now I have to admit I was VERY nervous about this review, but was quite pleased (and a bit flattered) by the final result. 😀

The review was written by Tiffany Apan, who’s bio states that she’s an, “award winning and acclaimed independent recording artist along with being a stage/film actress, producer, and writer. You can find more about her at her Official Website , Web Blog, MySpace , Twitter , and Facebook . She can also be found on IMDb and her music releases on CDBaby along with iTunes, Amazon, and other digital retailers. She also writes for the publication, Rogue Cinema in addition . She is also responsible for starting up the Music’s Underworld Webzine and it’s sister site, Heaven Sounds.”

Check out her website here—>

You can purchase Doguhn on trade paperback or kindle. Links to both versions as well as excerpts can be found here: Doguhn

Once again, thanks for reading.

– Jason

A new year of horror fiction

Though this blog has been relatively inactive as of late, it’s anything but forgotten. Believe me, the pressure and stress of this site sitting idle, putrefying while I suffer through the trials of the real world weigh heavily on me each day. And don’t doubt for a second that I’m aware of the importance of maintaining such a site if I’m to bring exposure to the years of hard work and growth I’ve undergone as a writer, and trust me, having someone read and hopefully enjoy my work is my ultimate goal.

I’ve been low on energy, low on inspiration and currently, I’m low on coffee–perhaps the most frightening of all–but I’ve toppled my writers blocks and made a significant dent in a new chapter of The Skin Collection that had been kicking my ass for the better part of a month. It’s a complicated chapter that I’ve decided to make even more complicated rather than going the easy route, but I feel the end result will be well worth the effort, even if I had more days than I’d like to count watching a blinking cursor and daydreaming about triforce pieces, Romulans and sexdragons. Continue reading

10 People you don’t want to invite to Christmas dinner.

Just in time for the holidays, I present a list of ten “people” (in no particular order) that you don’t want to invite to Christmas dinner.

You might be wondering whether or not to invite that annoying uncle that no one likes, or that relative that just can’t seem to hold their alcohol without making a complete asshole of themselves, but just remember, it could always be worse. Now there’s some obvious answers like Hannibal Lecter or the Creeper, but who’s seriously going to invite a convicted murder/cannibal, or a creature that meticulously selects specific pieces of the human anatomy to consume for 23 consecutive days, to Christmas dinner? Obvious bad choice is obvious. No, it’s the quiet ones you have to watch. Continue reading