The Skin Collection


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Ethan Phillips is about to accept a proposition that every bone in his body says he should decline; to track down a man named Howard Russo, a wealthy collector of human remains who has gone missing. A burned out private detective in a failing marriage, Ethan’s looking for anything to redirect his idle thoughts, so he reluctantly accepts a dossier that will change his life forever.

All that power, all those trapped souls in Howard Russo’s collection cannot go unnoticed, and so he has gone into hiding from those who would like him found before he upsets a balance that has been in place for an eternity.

As Ethan digs deeper, unnameable horrors begin to emerge from the shadows, the lives of everyone around him will be placed at risk, and Ethan may soon find that he’s taken on a contract that he can never back out of—even in death.

Excerpts here…

Transactions of the Flesh

A Lullaby

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