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There are things walking these streets that should not exist in this world, as this is not the world in which they were born.

Inside the church, there are strange things happening; the surveillance cameras, the cold dead eyes of those who monitor them, the aberrant forms that wander at night and the string of murders by an assassin fond of keeping trophies from his victims.

Guy Kruspe sets out to uncover the dark secrets of the church and finds that the mysteries go far deeper than he ever imagined. Thrust into an alternate world, filled with fantastic landscapes and beings, both beautiful and horrifying, Guy is led to the discovery that he is somehow entangled with this mysterious place and that the fate of both worlds hangs in the balance.

Both worlds are threatened to be unmade by the creatures known as the Dōguhn.

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Excerpts here…

The Quest For Knowledge

The Town of Hullum

The Man With a Thousand Wounds

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