The Quest For Knowledge (Excerpt from Doguhn)

A sample of the first chapter of my first novel ( Dōguhn ), written a few years ago but recently revised and soon to available to purchase…Please take the time to read, and if you enjoy it (or even if you hate it) leave a comment and let me know!

There are individuals in this world whose desires and ravenous hunger sometimes drive them to measures one would otherwise recoil from. In many cases those actions lead to such boundaries as murder, whether for business or pleasure. The man in apartment E6, on many occasions, has taken part in both.

Some kill for money, for others the motives are much more intimate, giving the bringer of death sexual excitement at the extinguishing of another’s life. This man kills for one reason only; he seeks knowledge from his victims, and he has countless methods to make them empty their lungs of information before emptying them of breath. For years he traveled across this wretched world leaving a bloody trail behind him, never once bringing suspicion upon himself; and all too soon he’ll be moving on once more.

Glaring down at his collection of weapons—custom sculpted blades of all shapes and sizes, laid meticulously across a crimson red cloth—he recalled a time when he loathed his task. But those days have long since passed and the drive to return home has quickened his slayings, leading him to a cheerless studio apartment in Philadelphia.

Many claim ignorance to the knowledge he seeks, and it’s possible in fact that some are as innocent as they claim. But sometimes, after enough pain has been dealt, and enough flesh removed, they loosen their tongues of the information he hunts for. In his briefcase, bound with human flesh, is a collection of various limbs and organs, the purpose of which as much for his own enjoyment as to instill fear in his victims.

One man, upon seeing the contents of the case, fell to his knees confessing to every sin he’d ever committed, from wearing his mothers clothes as a child, to raping his own son as an adult. This was not the information the man in apartment E6 sought after, yet he still took pleasure in listening to his victims confess and plead for their lives. These people were, after all, evil.

His victims were not all helpless of course. Many of which were known to be trained killers; soldiers of a sort this world has never seen, working for no known government or organization, though still sharing a connection to his previous victims as well as those to come. Even these individuals eventually fell under the man’s blade. Normally he would use the information gathered from his previous victim to unearth the next. Upon arrival at his subsequent destination, he could then seek out his target through his sense of smell. They have an explicit odor, one he’d been trained to detect. He could discern this smell now and it was close. It looks as if this time his prey has come to him, leaving him with the simple yet tedious task of waiting.

An elevated train passed by outside, rattling the windows as he picked up one of his favorite weapons; a double bladed knife with a metal handle, painted red and sculpted in the shape of a dragons head. Turning the knife over in his hands—its blade reflecting a beam of sunlight throughout the darkened room—its weight gave him a great sense of comfort. Returning the blade to its rightful position on the red cloth, the doorbell rang; a sound he heard sparingly. People did not often come to his doorstep voluntarily. With a wide grin, he rose from his chair and navigated around the various clutter and bric-a-brac before unbolting the door and opening it for his guest.

A blond haired teenager greeted him with a nervous smile. He wore a white shirt with black pants and tie, and carried a black leather bag over his shoulder, overflowing with pamphlets preaching the word of God. Holding one of these pamphlets with an outstretched arm, the boy looked up at the man in apartment E6 and hesitated. The white haired man seemed nice enough, but something about him wasn’t right; his skin too pale; his eyes too dark. It appeared as if his face were merely transparent flesh over bone. The boy took a step back, but when his host’s smile broadened he began to relax and even returned man’s grin.

The host gestured toward the open doorway and said, “Come on in,” as the boy stepped over the threshold.

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