This site shall be named…

I wanted to call the blog The Lost Pages, as a reference to my most recently completed novel, as well as what I believed to be an effective name for a blog site. This didn’t happen because was already taken. It’s inactive, but someone’s squatting like a bitch so I had to come up with something new.

So I played with names, searched for availability, then searched google for similar products and services to make sure I’m not stepping on anyone’s toes, found out I was and started the whole damn process over again. It took a lot of trial and error and plays on words to come to a final decision.

Well wasn’t taken, and from a quick search there wasn’t anything else I could find in a similar enough vein to cause me any worries; no blogs, no publishers, no stores. I could sell my books here and it seemed like a great name for a horror blog too! Sold!

But today my google search turned up slightly different results. Seems there’s a myspace and facebook with the same name from a self-published author named T.L. Fletcher, who wrote a horror story collection and put it up for sale back in 2010. This leaves me to worry that perhaps I stepped on someone’s toes after-all (and I was bound to create a facebook page for the blog at some point, though I’m obviously not doing that now).

Maybe I simply didn’t look hard enough—I could’ve sworn nothing came up the other night when I decided on the name—and maybe I’ll end up offending a fellow writer who’ll come after me for revenge! William S. Burroughs once wrote that, “Sometimes paranoia’s just having all the facts,” and I believe this to be a very true statement.

Having said that, I did just pay for the domain and I’m not ready to give this site up, but when it comes to the name, I’ll restrict it to the blog only. I would also like to ask you to check out T.L. Fletcher’s book and see if it’s something that might interest you. I can’t vouch for it as I’ve only just learned of it myself, but the least I can do is point you in his direction! Here’s a review at

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