The Lost Pages of Trevor Sunburn

The Lost Pages of Trevor Sunburn is finally available in trade paperback and kindle!

Click here to purchase the trade Paperback version for 12.95!

Click here to purchase the Kindle version for $2.99!


Here’s a synopsis:

The world moved along as it always had, on an inevitable spiral leading to the self-annihilation of mankind, but something beat us to the punch. These are the lost writings of Trevor Sunburn; one of the few remaining survivors who tells of the plague that consumed our species, believed to have been caused by a race of ancient creatures known as angels. The plague came swiftly, traveling in the wind, causing madness, physical mutation, and death.

Trevor and his eccentric companions will lead us through life and death before and after the apocalypse, the dangers of the remaining survivors who have lost their minds or have been horribly transformed by the epidemic, and on a journey to discover the home of those responsible. Filled with elements of horror, action, sci-fi, fantasy, surrealism and dark comedy, The Lost Pages of Trevor Sunburn will take you on a mind trip you won’t soon forget.

Now, I’d like to take a little time to talk about how this one was created, because it was a fun ride and different than any book I’d ever written. 

After finishing with my first novel, Doguhn, I started writing the book that would later become The Lost Pages of Trevor Sunburn. It started out as a more traditional third person horror novel called The Glimmer, but I was inspired by another idea that had a stronger hold on me, and so I placed it on hold and tried my hands at a young adult, horror/fantasy novel titled Web Country. This one turned out well, but has some major adjustments that are required before it’s ready for public consumption, so after completing the novel in about a years time, it fell to the wayside for me to pick up The Glimmer where I had left off.

Well it turns out the break was exactly what this novel needed. After restricting myself on content for a young adult novel for a year, while reading more works by William S. Burroughs and drawing influences there, I came back at The Glimmer with a vengeance and it morphed into The Lost Pages of Trevor Sunburn; a first person experimental horror/sci-fi/surreal/post apocalyptic adventure unlike anything I’d ever read or written.

Stripped of the filter that was necessary to write a novel acceptable for younger readers as well as adults, I let loose all my inspiration, influence and unrestrained madness into the pages of this book. And it was damn fun! Chapters were written completely out of order and put together like a jigsaw after the fact, there’s a poem, a couple chapters written in play format, and if I had an idea, no matter how bizarre or twisted, it went in and I made it work. If I hit a writing block, I started writing about my writer’s block, and that went in too. I very deliberately and carefully broke rules, and left subtle clues to be discussed by the readers after completing the book.

It also helped me to finally evolve for my next manuscript, which became a mixture of the styles from Trevor Sunburn and Doguhn, and perhaps my best work yet. That novel, my third to be released, is titled The Skin Collection and will be unleashed (hopefully) by the end of the year.

At the end of the day I hope you have as much fun reading The Lost Pages of Trevor Sunburn as I did writing it. It’s certainly an insane and guaranteed unique experience.

I appreciate all your patience and support, and I look forward to hearing any and all feedback, through Amazon reviews, on this site or my Facebook page. These reviews (especially on Amazon) are a huge help for not only myself, but also for other readers, so taking a few minutes for this means the world to me. These books are useless without you guys and gals to read them, so I love each and every one of you.

Now get ready to fuck your mind and discover The Lost Pages of Trevor Sunburn!

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