A new year of horror fiction

Though this blog has been relatively inactive as of late, it’s anything but forgotten. Believe me, the pressure and stress of this site sitting idle, putrefying while I suffer through the trials of the real world weigh heavily on me each day. And don’t doubt for a second that I’m aware of the importance of maintaining such a site if I’m to bring exposure to the years of hard work and growth I’ve undergone as a writer, and trust me, having someone read and hopefully enjoy my work is my ultimate goal.

I’ve been low on energy, low on inspiration and currently, I’m low on coffee–perhaps the most frightening of all–but I’ve toppled my writers blocks and made a significant dent in a new chapter of The Skin Collection that had been kicking my ass for the better part of a month. It’s a complicated chapter that I’ve decided to make even more complicated rather than going the easy route, but I feel the end result will be well worth the effort, even if I had more days than I’d like to count watching a blinking cursor and daydreaming about triforce pieces, Romulans and sexdragons.

I’ve broken 36,000 words today, I’m beyond what I believe to be the halfway point of the novel and I’m on my way to wrapping up what I believe and hope to be my best, most personal and most intimate work yet.

Having said that, I’ve got some news that I’ve mentioned before, but I’d like to lay out once more now that a new year is upon us.

As some of you may have noticed, my first novel, Dōguhn, went up for sale again after a few years off the market, and I hope those who missed it the first time have a chance to pick it up. It’s an epic horror/dark fantasy that spans multiple worlds and may still be my most ambitious project. I’d love to bring this world to more people, which is why I’ve included a kindle edition this time around, for only $2.99. Feel free to check out some of the excerpts I’ve posted on this site and if anyone has any questions or comments about the book or anything else, I’d be happy to discuss in the comments or on facebook.

Also, very exciting, I should have a review up on Horrornew.net sometime in February (Happy Birthday to ME!) so keep an eye out for that. I’ll be linking to the review once it’s live.

A select few have had a taste of my second novel, The Lost Pages of Trevor Sunburn, which was completed about a year ago, and depending on how things go, should be up for sale halfway through the year. There are some samples of this novel as well, and more will come as I prepare the novel for publication. It was an experiment in style and execution that I’m happy to say was successful and I hope, unlike anything else you’ve ever read.

And once I’m finished writing The Skin Collection, I have two more projects I plan to write side by side. One of which I’ve written a brief sample of, which may not resemble it’s current form at all upon completion, but feel free to check it out here: Untitled

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to do something about that depleting stock of coffee. Thanks for reading!

– Jason Barthelemy

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