A Lullaby

(A short Chapter from the middle of The Skin Collection)

Julian sits back in his chair and folds his fingers under his chin, contemplating the fate of the pieces he’s set into motion. There’s an odd piece somewhere on this board that remains hidden, and this is what he knew he must prepare for, should it fall into the hands of his opponent.

He sensed and feared the demons may have made contact with their master. It was still too early, but if this was true then he had to escalate things quickly. The fabric of the system has grown quite fragile and Howard Russo threatened to tear a hole so wide that no seamstress would be capable of repairing it, and Julian’s kingdom will crumble to dust.

No more mysteries, no more games; he needed Ethan Phillips on board and working toward his true destiny.

Julian’s mind began to race, and in an attempt to bring tranquility he recalled a lullaby his mother used to sing whenever his father’s rage unnerved him. As a child, very few things could cool the flames inside him, but his mothers soothing voice would always calm his breathing and send him off to dream his serene, murderous dreams.


Hush my baby, close your eyes,

O’re the clouds, up in the sky.

Fly my baby, with dream wings

O’er the pain of this world’s sins.


Hush my baby, now you rest,

Lay your scars upon my breast.

Cry my baby, for wings lost,

Bones beneath a gentle frost.


See the sleeping baby boy,

Oh so peaceful, dreams of joy.

Silent feasting of the flies,

Of the peaceful baby’s eyes.


Hush my baby, close your eyes,

Sleep now, while the whole world cries.

Warm you’ll be, wrapped in my arms,

Dreams of days when you’ll do harm.


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