I can’t believe I just tagged an article with Robert Pattinson…Yes, folks, today we’re talking Cosmopolis, a novel by Don Delillo, adapted to film by David Cronenberg, starring Robert Pattinson.

Robert Pattinson in Cosmopolis

Shamefully, I had never read anything by Delillo until this year, when the trailers starting coming around for David Cronenberg’s next masterpiece (hopefully). The initial teaser looked nothing short of insane and I was quickly able to get over my aversion to Robert Pattinson, being that I’m such a huge fan of Cronenberg. So I picked up Cosmopolis and was very pleasantly surprised, finished it, and then immediately went out and picked up two more novels from him.

I’ll start by saying that Don Dellilo has rapidly become one of my favorite writers, and I’m sure influences will seep into my work at some point. I find some of my best inspiration comes from novels outside of the horror genre, as they help bring a little more variety to what could otherwise become a stale stew of incestuous idols. His dialogue is nothing short of genius, and I find it mildly amusing that the dialogue is one of the things I’ve seen most people have a hard time swallowing. You’ll see a perfect example in the clip I’ve posted at the bottom of the page.

Kevin Durand in Cosmopolis

And after thoroughly enjoying the book, I’ve re-watched the trailers for Cosmopolis again and again, then the clips, and I can safely say this is looking to be one of the most faithful adaptions I’ve ever seen, and Cronenberg’s best film in years. Every set piece, ever character, every line of dialogue, no matter how foreign or alien some of it may sound, looks to be ripped straight from the page and put on screen. And so, Cosmopolis has become my most anticipated film of the year, short of maybe Prometheus.

The biggest surprise of all for me comes from Robert Pattinson. After watching some of the unedited clips, I’m convinced he’s one of the best choices they could’ve gone with for the role, and it’s not even painful for me to say that…even though it should be. He captures the character and delivers his lines exactly as I pictured them in the book, and I have to say I’m impressed. The man’s literally going to be in EVERY scene. So, let’s just excuse those films that shall not be named and give him a fresh take.

And after seeing this clip–the cinematography, the pacing, the soundtrack, the dialogue–I nearly creamed myself.

Official Trailer

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